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Peak Bukreeva (3010 m)

The total climb of 1169 meters, the distance to the peak of Bukreev Peak is 5.4 km.
You can get there by car from Al Farabi Avenue along the Gornaya street, after 5.5 km there will be a left turn to the Butakovka gorge, we move along the asphalt road, we pass the Butakovka village (8 km from Al Farabi) and the paid post of the national park, the asphalted road ends and We rest on the river, there is parking, only 14.5 km from Al Farabi, then we move on foot.
Route: Butakovsky Gorge — Forest Pass (2250 m) — Pioneer Peak (Bukreeva) (3010 m) — Forest Pass (2250 m) — Butakovsky gorge.
Starting up from the car park near the former base of «Manpower reserves», drive about 9 km Butakovsky gorge from turning left onto Butakovka, on the road to Medeo. After going 1.3 kilometers along a dirt road with a very slight slope, turn left, in the very first pass. It is easily visible upper part of the route — Butakovskiy ridge with peaks situated on it — Pioneer (Bukreeva) (3010 m), Kotyrbulak (3040 m), and also Butakovskiy Pass (2880 m).
The rise to the pass Forest (2250 m) is very light, lasts about two km. On the pass itself, you can climb on the forehead, but more convenient to the trail leading out to it on a streamer. Here, under the saddle, there is a spring.
From the pass you can descend into the Forest Kotyrbulak gorge to the tour. based Almatau (Elika Cai). We turn right and go up through the dense forest already at a steep ridge, to alpine meadows zone. We come to the old snow stakes and left to go around here open, t. E. Go strictly along the ridge.
Climbing the peak Pioneer (Bukreeva) the steepest on the route and recalls on the rise Furmanovka from its foot. To rise from the saddle should be, right in the forehead. The seemingly very steep rise, in fact, not difficult, it is laid on a comfortable trail. Yes, and go around the track very comfortable and pleasant, all-trodden trail, around the beautiful scenery of the mountain expanses. Sandwiched not felt, because we go along the ridge, rather than a narrow gorge bottom. In winter, on the crest shaped cornices and on the slopes of the snow is going to avalanche.
On top of a stele in memory of our famous countryman Anatoly Bukreeva climber who conquered 11 eight-thousanders of 14 and who died in an avalanche while climbing to its 12 th eightthousander — Annapurna (8091 m).
From the mountain Bukreeva overlooking practically the entire ridge Butakovskiy to Butakovsky pass.
Along the way, the left views of the gorge and Left Talgar Talgar Peak (4973 m).