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Peak Amangeldy 1B (3999 м)

From Medeo we reach the GC Chimbulak (2240) m.
Transition from Chimbulak to Mynzhylkiv (3030 m) — 2 hours
From Mynzhylkiv to Alpingrad (3440 m) — 1 hour
From Alpingrad to the bastion of the summit (3940 m) — 2 hours
Movement on a rocky site up to the summit (3999 m) — 1 hour.
Descent to the CC Chimbulak — 4 hours.
District: Maloalmatinsky Gorge, Bogdanovich Glacier
Sightseeing: Chimbulak, Tuyuksu Gate, Alpingrad, Bogdanovich Glacier, Lake M.Mametova
View: Komsomol peak, Pioner peak, Molodezhny peak, Abay peak, Bogdanovich glacier, Ordzhonikidze peak, M.Mametova peak
Season: all year round
The peak of Amangeldy is the most popular peak among the climbers of the Zailiysky Alatau. Route 1b. К.сл. Available all year round.
Requires initial climbing skills, ability to work with special equipment on the rocky terrain
From the top — a panorama of the peaks of the circuses of the Bogdanovich and Tuyuks glaciers.
Equipment: rope main (40m), safety belts, carbines, eight, zhumar.