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Mangyshlak. Sherkala mountain, cemetery Koshkar-Ata and Kalipan
Excursion to Mangyshlak
Mangyshlak — this is an unusual place in the south-western Kazakhstan. Between two seas lies the desert, through which the northern route of the Silk Road. And the main point of reference for all the mountain was Sherkala, which translates as «mountain lion». Indeed, on the one hand it looks like a reclining lion, and on the other flat side to the form of the Kazakh yurt. In addition, the program of the tour will be a visit to the monuments of stone and the early Iron Age.
To start the tour, we will go to the Peninsula Mangyshlak- peninsula on the east coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. The same name is adjacent to the peninsula plateau east passing in the Ustyurt plateau. In the west of the Caspian Sea peninsula juts Tub-Karagan; Mangyshlak is located south of the Kazakh bay. On the peninsula is located Mangystau Kazahstana.V Mangyshlak Middle Ages served as the gateway of trade and economic ties between the East and the West. The main attraction of Mangyshlak — Sherkala mountain.
Mountain Sherkala- Some argue that it resembles a bowl, which turned sated traveler. Others argue that the mountain looks like a yurt on the one hand and, on the other hand — on the beast lurking. For it is difficult to climb, even more difficult to peel, in its caves can not go — they are inhabited by spirits. So assure the local old-timers. Sherkaly considered one of the shrines of Mangyshlak.
Next, a visit to the two cemeteries Koshkar-Ata — Ata Necropolis Koshkar-located seventeen kilometers from the city of Aktau on the outskirts of a small village Akshukur. Domed mausoleum in the Mangistau all very beautiful and unique. Some mausoleums — real architectural masterpieces, admirable in our.
and Kalipan — here you will see the archaeological remains of the Stone Age and the early Iron Koskuduk century Baskuduk.