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Peak Pioner 1B

Peak Pioneer (4031m)
From the Pionersky Pass, 1b.

Meeting at the ski resort Chimbulak at 7.00. Further we move along the road towards the meteorological station Mynzhylki (3030 m above sea level). From this point we rise to the site of Alpingrad (3500 m above sea level). Further we move to the moraine lake to the foot of the Pionersky Pass. On the pass we rise from the right side at the junction of rocks and talus.
From the pass for 150 m move along the scree steepness to 35 °, then to the light cliffs, along them to traverse in the northern direction to the narrow and steep couloir. Above it, climb the platform, covered with a scree. On it through 30 m the steep rocks which are bypassed on the right are reached. Further along the scree covered with snow, go to the jumper that connects the Pioneer peak with the rock tower, after which we move along the shelves 30-35m from the right side of the ridge, then on the large blocks we come to the top.