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Korgalzhyn reserve

Akmola region. The excursion program:
Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve — the largest nature reserve in Kazakhstan, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a unique place in the whole territory of Central Asia, which is located just 150 km from the capital of Kazakhstan. In the midst of endless dry steppe widely spread Tengiz-Korgalzhyn lake. It is not only the most extensive water area, but also one of the most unique places on the entire Eurasian continent. The diversity of flora and fauna amazes and fascinates. The islands of Lake Tengiz is the largest in the world’s northernmost breeding population of flamingos relict species listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The tour starts with a visit to visit the Center «Bird Paradise», where you will have the opportunity to visit the hall of the steppes, a winter garden, a history room and ethnography. Visit Center «Bird Paradise» — the so-called «business card» Korgalzhyn nature reserve, a place where visitors can get all the information about this unique area. Visit Center aims to become eco-educational center not only for the local population, but also for the residents and guests of the capital of the whole country. The visit of the Centre is the starting point from which originate ecological routes.