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Tour Kolsai lakes

Tour Kolsai lakes
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Lakes have a deep blue color of the water, they are surrounded by blooming alpine meadows, rocks and huge pine forests of the Tien-Shan spruce, and they disposed cascade, one after another, in one huge and spectacular mountain gorge. They are called «blue necklace of Northern Tien Shan», and to see them at least once, it is already impossible to forget this splendor, peace and tranquility around. When the water surface is absolutely calm, it reflects the sky and the charming panorama of mountain landscape! The first lake stretches for 1 km along the gorge at an altitude of 1818 m the second (middle) lake -. The most beautiful lakes of Kolsai, is located 5 km above the gorge at an altitude of 2252 m at the bottom of the lake is flat fields..
In the nearby valley Kaindy You will see another third most beautiful lake of the same name. For your eyes appear trunks of fir trees in the water, resembling the mast sunken ships! Kolsai lakes are very deep: the deepest place on the first lake 80 m, the second — about 50 meters, on the third of about 21 m.