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The history of the city of Kokshetau originates XVIII century. Since that time, and began construction on the territory of northern Kazakhstan fortresses and best option to a gradual development of the Kazakh steppe.
After the order of Alexander I of the Siberian division into two governorships Western (Tobolsk and Tomsk province) and eastern (Omsk region) area, which is the current Kokshetau, as part of the Middle Horde, became part of the Omsk region, while still retained internal self-government Kazakh communities. Kokshetau is located on the shore of the lake in the north of the Copa Kokshetau hill foothills which surround the city from the south and east. City Kokshetau was the foundation in 1824 and originally served as a Cossack village. Check Kokshetau since its foundation was made by immigrants from the district of Chelyabinsk and Saratov provinces. The settlers built themselves strong at home, cutting down to the lake adjacent pine forest. Yet growing village had no master’s species and was not well-maintained. In 1863, the population of the population was on so much, that for satisfaction of his needs in the city have already worked 80 shops, 11 restaurants. Since 1999 is the administrative center of Kokshetau, Akmola region. This is a very unique city with its beautiful nature. Population on 01.01.2016 160 thousand people.