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Karatayev Erlan Zheksenovich (English)

Nationality: Kazakh
Gender: Male Date of Birth: 27 February 1967
Place of birth: City Ayaguz, the former Semipalatinsk region, now — East Kazakhstan region
Marital status: Single
Education: 1974-1984 GG — Kazakh secondary school № 244 (58) in Ayaguz; 1984-1992 g.g.- historical faculty of Kazakh State University named after Kirov SM (now the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi Kazakh National University); November 2001 — February 2002 g.- courses Company «Teletrade», a branch Stock Exchange «Dow Jones Exchange» with the further reception of the certificate of the trader company in Almaty; January-June 2003, training in the school of American «Professional Associates» English to obtain a certificate of the American school.
Work Experience: September 1992 — March 1993 — working as a translator of English (spoken and written English) at the news agency «Sonar» at the Ministry of Press and Mass Media of the Republic of Kazakhstan; later — working as a freelance translator of the English language; September
— November, 1993 — work at the Department of Foreign Relations of the former National Airlines Joint Stock «Kazaқstan Әue Zholy», which was later renamed the «Air Kazakhstan» as a lead engineer and translator of the English language; July-August, 1994 — translator (written iustny English) at the British-Kazakh joint venture gold mining «Bakyrchik Gold PLC»;
sentyabr1995 — March 1996 he worked as an English teacher at a private high school in the city of Semey (VostochnayaKazahstanskayaoblast) Vsentyabre2004goda-
January 2005 worked vperevodcheskom agency «Alem-Consulting», which was subsequently renamed «Gaukhar Zhol»; During July-August 2005, work SMU-2 StroitelnoyKorporatsii «KUAT» as a technical translator (translation tehnicheskoydokumentatsii from English .) during March — July 2010 worked shtatnymperevodchikom translation agency «GMC» (Alma-Ata).
During July-December 2010 — the work of the agency to translate «Wordex» (the city of Alma-Ata).
During January-December 2011, he held the same position translator of oral and written English language (technical translation) in the translation
advertising agency called «ATL Partners» (Almaty city). My work in the latter was translated from English to Russian and Kazakh technical documentation of various appliances for household and technical use, installation
technical support, maintenance of billboards with neon lights.
Experience at film festivals: International Film Festival «Eurasia III», Almaty International Film Festival «Eurasia V», Astana (within kinofestivalya- subtitling movies, interpretation and
support of film critics: Mr. Philip Chee (Singapore) from NETPAC, Mr. Russell Edwards (Australia) from Variety and NETPAC and Ms. Rashmi Doraiswamy (India) from the Academy of Third World Studies and NETPAC; International Film Festival «Eurasia VII», Almaty, interpretation and maintenance of Film Critics: Ms. Leca Shankar (India, Thailand), Mr. Vimal and Ms. Doreen Dissanayake (Sri Lanka, Hawaii) of NETPAC.
During 2013, I had a contract as a technical russkogo- English-Kazakh translator with JSC «Galanz Bottlers» (Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Bayserke village).
C 18 April 2016 until the first decade of June of the same year he worked as a technical translator English-Russian-Kazakh languages ​​in the LLP «Micrologics» (the company specializes in developing software for various purposes, including for electronic checkpoint (KPP) .
Since then, I continue to work as a humanitarian and technical perevodchika- freelancer (freelance translator).
Trip abroad: 2 to 5 October 1993, trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran (Tehran) on the part of the former airline Haake «Kazaқstan Әue Zholy» ( «Air Kazakhstan», which was later disbanded October 9-16, 1993 official business. in the United Arab Emirates (Sharjah, Dubai).
Languages: Kazakh (Native), Russian, fluent English. Hobbies: Reading books (romantic and historical literature), poetry, puzzles, music (classical and modern); Home address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 050038, Student Campus
Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, Al-Farabi Street, dom№ 71/13, 51 kvartira№
Home phone: 8 (7273) 77-31-23; Mobile phone: +7 707 501 4521;
+77080529836; +7 707 839 0574; +77052718356; 8 701 351 8065
E-mail: yerlan.karatayev67@gmail.com; yerlan6767@mail.ru Skype: yerlan67671
ICQ: 618265173