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Gulmira Tazhieva (French, Chinese)

gulmira_tagievaGulmira Tazhiev
Region: Kazakhstan, Almaty (possible
08.05.1984 (32)
+8701 6459186
E-mail: tajieva_guma@mail.ru
Kazakh (Native)
Russian (Fluent)
French (Medium)
Chinese (Average)
English (Below Average)
Turkish (Below Average)
04.2016 — 08.2016 Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, hereinafter referred Manager
sector Manager
The alignment of the department; It provides quality and
the effectiveness of educational, scientific and educational work;
manager of administrative work, etc.
08.2014 — 07.2016 Admission to the International Master’s Sorbonne-Kazakhstan
education management
03.2013 — 04.2014 LLP Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Culture,
Inpektor Chief Human Resources; Operations manager
organizatsiyai accounting personnel; formleniepriema,
transfer and dismissal of employees; kontrolnad state
labor discipline in the organization of departments and
observance of the rights of workers and domestic labor
regulations; ostavlenieustanovlennoy reporting; reduction
time in the organization; managing diverse workforce;
perform some housekeeping tasks and assignments
Director General
10.2010 — 07.2013 Almaty City Akimat, Leading Specialist
Translator Jobs, editor and proofreader
03.2008 — 05.2009 JSC Republican Tele-radio company «Kazakhstan», Office-
manager, editor and translator
Jobs office manager and translator-editor
2014 — 2016 Masters. Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute. Management.
economic specialization
2012 — 2013 Unfinished higher. KazNAU. Economics and Law. Management
2003 — 2007 Bachelor’s degree. KazUIR & WL named Abylaikhan. French language.
«Foreign language: two foreign languages» (French,
Additional education:
Certificate. INSTITUT SORBONNA — KAZAKHSTAN, Almaty in 2015.
«Management», degré master (Économie et affaires) INSTITUT SORBONNA —
KAZAKHSTAN, Almaty 2015 «Gestion des changements dans le monde moderne» —
Certificat 1 Année de formation diplôme universitaire INALKO (France, Paris), Sorbonne
Université Paris Cité
Certificate. France, la ville Perpignan in 2015.
Certificate. Almaty CA «Til».
prepodavaniyakazahskogo language innoyazychnyh audience (issued in 2012)
Certificate. Almaty CC «Progress».
certificate- computer literacy (vydan2008)
Additional Information:
Professional skills knowledge • Windows, MS Office, Internet • teaching experience,
paperwork, translation from Russian into Kazakh, editing and
correction of the text; • publication series of articles in the newspapers «Oңasha», «Emshі»
«Densaulyk», «Өte dəәmdі», «Ana tili», «Bala Bi,» «Spike,» «Shipager» «That
think «,» Almaty aқshamy «,» Cultural Heritage «, etc. • sostovitel books:» Samples
business papers sphere of architecture urbanism and construction services »
• Christophe Darmanzha: Cultural heritage I have in common with the human race.
Interview with a teacher from the University of Paris VII Denis Diderot Christopher
DARMANZHA // «Cultural Heritage» №2 (59) / 2015 • On the question of the formation of
innovative environment of the organization — to become the third international scientific correspondence
practical conference, Almaty, Institute of Law and Economics • System
management as an institutional factor in the creation of innovative environment • Participation
in the preparation of a collection • Other Hobbies — sports, reading, music