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Depression Karakiya

Depression Karaki
One-day departure from Aktau to depression Karaki, the depth of the third largest in the world (the bottom of the dry salt lake Batyr -132m). The route crosses the basin from east to west and runs along its eastern edge. This route visits to several sites and panoramic descent to the bottom of the depression in the southern tip of the purpose of the inspection petrified fossils of fishes. Depression is a territory-Karaki Karakol zoological reserve of national importance.
Karagiye — a unique natural attraction in south-western Kazakhstan. Its name translates from the Kazakh language as «black depression.» And while there is nothing black and is dominated by yellow and white colors, is one of the lowest places in the world — it reaches a depth of 132 meters below sea level. It is believed that once the depressions were in place Salt Lake Batir, but today there are virtually lifeless desert, surrounded by massive cliffs. Day trip to these places will allow you to see the beauty of the Kazakh desert, especially since they are only 50 km away from Aktau.