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Story of A. Bukreev

So the story of A. Bukreev
While all sports fees, medical examinations and regular analyzes reclamation took place and it’s really unnerving of all participants.
In 1988, on a glacier Northern Inylchek all got a job to collect nocturnal urine for analysis. In the morning collecting my hard-earned 700 ml. urine in one-liter jar, I went to the medical tent. Parallel course, from the neighboring tent came Anatoly, in his hand he carried a THREE-liter jar! almost up to the top filled with yellow liquid. Anatoly not pinned, kicked out of the team, I said, to which he replied calmly that all this is it. Doctors greeted us with a smile took Anatoly bank with the words, do not be surprised physiological abilities Bukreev.
Rinat Khaibullin.