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Navoi 58 оf 86

Almaty, Kazakhstan

09:00 - 21:00

Seven days a week

Bimagambetov Bolat Ruslanovich (English, Turkish, Chinese)

Bimagambetov Bolat Ruslanovich.
City: As a guide, the guide + interpreter in Almaty.
Specialization: Teaching Chinese and English languages, trilingual translator Kazakh-Russian-English direction.
Languages ​​spoken:
Kazakh — native;
Russian — native (second);
English — advanced level, perfect spoken language;
Turkish — Elementary level (two years studying at the university);
Chinese — three years studying at the University, good spoken language (HSK for failure down to the 3rd or 4th level it).

Phone: 8771852 27 34, 8747 597 96 32.
E-mail: bolat.b@mail.ru.
Skype: bolat.bimagambetov.
Education: Bachelor in specialty «teacher of English and Chinese languages.»
Hobbies: Life, people, books, spirituality.
Experience: As a guide only once in 2011, not exactly a guide, but more as escort.