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Atyrau (Guryev) city on the Caspian Sea. The city is located on both sides of the Ural River. The history of the area and the city has many centuries ago. The first mention found in the III — IV centuries BC, and the city begins his chronicle from 1640 year.
Here in 1640 the Yaroslavl merchant Guri Nazariev with his sons built a wooden stockade, paying tribute to the Nogai Khanate in the shed, Ostrog was called Ust-Yaik town, ie town located at the mouth of the river Yaik. Prior to joining Nazarevo locals here have a simple construction of wooden fence across the riverbed for fish detention. City, located on the coast, also called uyshik ( «House»). Guryev raised the possibility at the mouth of the river to organize a profitable fishing of valuable salmon. To this end, they built a huge stationary «uchug», which caused a serious disturbance of fishermen, especially neighbors who are higher on the river Yaik. Later, the prison came under the power of Yaik Cossack troops. In 1647-1648 years by imperial decree was erected a stone town, the historic river divided the city into two parts: «Samara» and «Asian». The city was built largely on the side of Samara. There, on the initiative of the wealthy, it was built a stone church, one of the first high of the old town buildings. In 1991 the town was renamed in Atyrau. The city began to expand in 1930 with the construction of fish cannery and the residential area — Balykshi. On 01.01.2010, the population amounted to 231 thousand people.