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Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Andrey Almazov

Andrey Almazov

Specialization: Mountain
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Russian
Participates in projects ‘7 Summits’ (climbing the highest points of all continents), ‘7 Summits’ (climbing the highest volcanoes all over the world) and «Snow Leopard» (climbing on all seventhousanders former USSR).
Student school standard UIAGM mountain guides at the Association of mountain guides in Kyrgyzstan (KMGA).
The first citizen of Kazakhstan at the highest volcano in the world, Ojos del Salado (6893m, Chile).
I visited about 320 cities and towns in 42 countries.
Head of special project about the travel, leisure and tourism ILoveTravel.KZ Yvision.kz on Kazakhstani blog platform
September 2015, the peak of Youth (Kazakhstan), 20 clients
September 2014, the peak of Olympus (Greece), 1 client
August 2014, the peak of the Zugspitze (Germany), 1 client
August 2014, Margaret peak (Uganda), client 2
July 2014, volcano. Aragats (Armenia), 1 client
July 2014, volcano. Damavand (Iran), 1 client
October 2013, the peak of Puncak Jaya (Indonesia), 5 clients
February 2013, the peak of Orizaba (Mexico), 2 clients
June 2012, the peak of Mont Blanc (France), 1 client
February 2012, the peak of Aconcagua (Argentina) 1 customer
August 2011, volcano. Ararat (Turkey), 1 client
December 2010, volcano. Cotopaxi (Ecuador), 1 client
August 2010, Khan Tengri (Kazakhstan), 6 customers
July 2010, the peak of Elbrus (Russia), 1 client
June 2010, Denali Peak (United States), 1 client
December 2009, Uhuru Peak (Tanzania), 2 clients
February 2009, the peak of Aconcagua (Argentina) 1 customer
Summer 2008, Lenin Peak (Kyrgyzstan), 2 clients
Summer 2008, the peak of Khan Tengri (Kazakhstan), 1 client
Summer 2007, the peak E.Korzhenevskoy (Tajikistan), 2 clients
Summer 2006, the peak of the Marble Wall (Kazakhstan), 2 clients
September 2005, the peak of Talgar (Kazakhstan), 2 clients
The assets of independent travel in Russia, Ukraine, Eastern and Western Europe, India and Nepal.
Driving license category B
Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications, 1994-1999, Engineer Electronic Technology University «Turan», Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 2001-2004, the tourism manager diploma
Buddhism, Music, Travel
Guides on international affairs since February 2009. Student school standard UIAGM mountain guides at the Association of mountain guides in Kyrgyzstan (KMGA). SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS first sports category — assigned 19.02.2007 Member of the national team of Kazakhstan on mountaineering 2006-2008