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Trip to Algier «camp of women’s tears»

The excursion program:
Akmola camp wives of traitors to the motherland — the object included in the Gulag camps group, where they spent their days of any innocent wife of so-called traitors. These women were brought from all over the USSR. Participation in this tour will no doubt require a certain emotional state, because everything you see can not leave you indifferent. Museum and memorial complex opened monument «Arch of sorrow», followed by two songs, «The despair and powerlessness», «Struggle and hope» — like family history, forever separated cruel time. Dive into the atmosphere of repression makes the tunnel, on the walls which depict the tragic moments of parting with the children, the cruel and unfair trial three, prison cells and solitary confinement. The museum exhibition is located on the perimeter of the hall, which involves the visitor in a vicious circle, and plunges into the historical past of Kazakhstan.