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Lake Manshuk Mametovoy

Lake Manshuk Mametova (another name — Lake No. 6) is located in the Zailiysky Alatau, in the Maloalmatinsky Gorge, at an altitude of 3,550 m above sea level, 20 km south of Almaty.

The lake takes its name from the eponymous glacier named after the heroine of World War II Manshuk Mametova. The glacier is in close proximity, feeds the lake and even forms one of the shores, breaking off a sheer wall into the water.
In winter the lake is covered with thick ice, which completely comes off only in June. The lake constantly changes its color — from beige to turquoise-blue, depending on the month and the weather ..

Over the lake towers several four thousand peaks, climbing routes to which are most popular among the climbers: the Amangeldy peak (4000 m), the Pioneer peak (4017 m), the Teacher peak (4027 m), the peak of the 28th Panfilov Heroes, the peak M.Mametova 4191 m) and the peak of Antikainen (4000 m).

The pedestrian part of the excursion begins at the Tuyuksu Gate (2500m). Then we pass the cliffs of the Tuyuksu Gate and go out to the meteorological station and the Mynzhylki dam. After a short rest and a snack, we begin the ascent along a steep path towards Alpingrad, the path to which takes 1-1.5 hours.
Alpingrad is a small well protected from the wind plateau on which tent camps are broken by nonresident alpinists. The height is 3400 m.
The rest of the way to the lake takes from forty minutes to an hour.
This is already a real kingdom of ice and rocks — stern peaks and a complete lack of vegetation, in other words — the Arctic belt in all its manifestations. Even in summer, it can suddenly blow the icy wind and snow, replacing five minutes ago with warm and sunny weather.

If you have the strength and desire, then after a rest on the shore of the lake you can stroll to the glacier Manshuk Mametova, which is very near.