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Charyn сanyon (10 hours)

Charyn сanyon (10 hours)
An unforgettable trip to one of the most unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan — Charyn canyon! There are 12 million years, the canyon makes an indelible impression with its grand splendor and beauty …
Tour description:
Charyn Canyon — is one of the most unique natural objects, where the influence of the millennial processes of weathering of sedimentary rocks, the original form of relief took the outlines of isolated rocks, columns and towers.
Time to Charyn Canyon is about 3 hours. On the way you will get acquainted with the history and nature of this wonderful region, will learn a lot about the Kazakh people, their life and traditions, as well as lunch at a local cafe.
Upon arrival at the Charyn Canyon, you there also will forget all the long way because Charyn Canyon will amaze you with its beauty and splendor! You can admire its grandiose panorama, and then take a stroll through the maze of the Valley of Castles, surrounded by overhanging walls impregnable.
Anyone who has ever been in Charyn canyon, falls in love with him forever!