Race to Lenin Peak (7134 m) Lenin SkyRace 2017

Take part in Lenin Peak SkyMarathon® competitions, which will be held from 23 to 25 August 2017.
Lenin Peak SkyMarathon® refers to skyranning. Skyranning is not a run in the mountains, but a fast mountaineering. High-altitude marathon at the peak of Lenin runs from 2012. The starting point is Camp No. 1 at an altitude of 4400 m. The finish line is at the top of Lenin Peak (7134 m).
All participants who have experience of traveling on snow and ice slopes are allowed to climb fast. The time of participants is determined from the time of the start to the achievement of the alignment established at the top of Lenin Peak.
Each participant should be aware that climbing Lenin Peak is associated with a certain risk. Participants are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of participants. The receiving party provides first aid if necessary. Organizers of the competition check the track, if necessary, arrange perennial insurance.
Detailed information, regulations and requirements for athletes on our website http://ak-sai.ru/alpinizm/skorost-pik-lenina
Video about the high-altitude race.
Sign up for high-altitude marathon by e-mail adventure3@ak-sai.com or call
+996 312 90 93 56
For fans of jogging and fans of mountains, for marathon runners and climbers, for all adherents of an active way of life the travel company “Ak-Sai Travel” together with the sports store “Red Fox” runs the second international race Lenin Sky Race®.
The race will take place on July 29, 2017 at the foot of the famous peak of Lenin in the south of Kyrgyzstan.
Start and finish in the Base Camp “Achik-Tash” (3600 m.). The route will pass through the Passengers Pass (4100 m.) To Camp 1 (4400 m.) And back. The length of the distance is 24 km when climbing 1500 m.
You are waited by unique mountain landscapes and set of fascinating impressions!
Lenin Sky Race® is an excellent opportunity to spend time actively, meet and communicate with like-minded people from different countries.
Overcome yourself with us! Bring your friends – they will like it!
Video about Lenin race 2017